Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Artist Entry: Animosity vocalist Leo Miller checks in from Europe

"These aren't hash brownies mon...."

Guuutentaaaaag! Animosity is back in the land of bread, cheese and
mysterious condiment spreads AKA Europe. So far we have played one
show without our bass player and eaten a shit load the aforementioned
foodstuffs. After just one show, this tour is looking to be quite
awesome. Somehow we are on the exact same bus that we traveled in Las
year with Converge which is pretty weird and nostalgic. I'll check
back in once some crazy shit happens that is noteworthy.
Party on


Artwork credit: John Lause's trippy cover art for the Animosity/Drumcorps vinyl release, "Altered Beast," available at the Man Alive! Web site.

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