Friday, November 28, 2008

News Update: New video of the_Network on tour in the UK

Due to the holiday, there isn't much news to report. But until next week, we have a tasty snack for y'all.

Here's a video shot during the_Network's UK run:

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dance Club Massacre and Architect on tour now!

Through of hale of intoxication and deranged Willy Wonka style weirdness, Chicago's Dance Club Massacre have returned with a vicious sophomore record, Circle of Death, bridging the unusual gap between the worlds' of The Devil Wears Prada and Dimmu Borgir. The band attacks from all sides melding their brand of noisy, screamo-grind with symphonic black metal orchestration. This unlikely stylistic pairing showcases the group's maturing into a sound that is distinctly their own. “CIRCLE OF DEATH” in stores November 11, 2008!!
Dance Club Massacre will be hitting the road this month with Dr. Acula!
11/12 Chicago, IL Beat Kitchen CD Release show!!
11/17 St Louis, MO The Creepy Crawl
Tour with Dr. Acula
11/18 Lawrence, KS The Bottle Neck
11/19 Tulsa, OK The Pink Eye
11/20 Arlington, TX Molly’s
11/21 San Antonio, TX Rock Bottom Bar
11/22 McAllen, TX The Incubator
11/23 Corpus Christi, TX The Compound
11/24 Baton Rouge, LA The Darkroom
11/25 Panama City, FL Beamers
11/26 Ocala, FL The Capital
11/29 Wilmington, NC Lucky’s
11/30 Greensboro, NC Club Rain
12/01 Danville, VA Plan B
12/02 Fredericksburg, VA The Refuge
12/03 Yonkers, NY The Haunt
12/04 Pittsburgh, PA Blue Violet Cafe
12/05 Southgate, MI The Modern Exchange
12/06 Mokena, IL Soundlab

New music from Circle of Death online now at and

ARCHITECT “Ghost of the Saltwater Machines”
Just when you thought Architect couldn't get any heavier, angrier or more politically agitated, the Great Northern Trendkill has returned with the most over-the-top release of 2008, Ghost of the Saltwater Machines. Architect's latest effort hits at a vital time. In the wake of a historical election, Ghost of the Saltwater Machines is even more relevant. The songs are politically fueled with lyrical topics including attacks on current administration and figureheads of the free world (Camelot), Middle America being bled dry from government and big business (Death & Taxes) as well as free speech and civil liberties (Traitor). When the abrasive songs rip your eardrums, you listen. And when the vocalist bellows their apocalyptic message, you believe it. With the music scene so destabilized and the fact that Architect is basically the anti-trend, chances are GOTSWM won't see the band rising to super stardom. But as they have always done, there will be touring, trash talk and destructive live shows to accompany this beefy, bone crushing album and those brave enough to listen are in for one of the heaviest records of the decade. “GHOST OF THE SALTWATER MACHINES” in stores November 25, 2008!!

Check out Architect on tour this fall with Rose Funeral!
11/14 Portland, ME The Asylum with The Red Chord and Overcast
11/15 Poughkeepsie, NY The Chance with The Red Chord and Overcast
11/25 Syracuse, NY The Westcott Cinema CD Release Party
11/28 Buffalo, NY Club DiabloTour with Rose Funeral
11/29 Pittsburgh, PA The Roboto Project
11/30 Wheeling, WV Yesterdays Draught House
12/01 Columbus, OH Bernies
12/02 Louisville, KY Bulldog Cafe
12/03 Nashville, TN The Muse
12/04 Selma, AL The Loud House
12/05 Panama City, FL Beamers
12/06 Tampa, FL Transitions Art Gallery
12/07 Orlando, FL The Dungeon
12/08 Augusta, GA Sector 7G
12/12 Fredericksburg, VA The Refuge
12/15 New York, NY Lit Lounge

New music from "Ghost of the Saltwater Machines" online now at and

For more information or to request a promo, please contact:
Michelle Ferraro, Head of Publicity,
Sheena Hamilton, Publicity Assistant,

Thursday, November 13, 2008

BMA News Update: Cancer Bats to tour with In Flames in the UK; Animosity on 'The Price is Right;' Khann update and more

We're tryin' to keep stuff simple in a complex world.

So we'll keep this introduction simple and get to this week's news brief.

-BMA Staff

CANCER BATS will embark on a crusade with In Flames in the UK, here's the official press release:

Canada’s very own riff masters, Cancer Bats, are proud to announce that they will be trekking across the UK with the mighty In Flames in April. The band spent July and August in the US with Bullet for My Valentine and Bleeding Through and plans for more US tours are currently in the works. Check back to often to get updates!

The video for "Lucifer’s Rocking Chair" from the band’s latest album, Hail Destroyer, is up now on

Tour w/ In Flames

04/15 Norwich, UK Waterfront
04/16 Colchester, UK Arts
04/17 Brighton, UK Concorde 2
04/21 Newcastle, UK Academy 2
04/22 Dundee, UK Fat Sams
04/23 Belfast, UK Mandella Hall
04/24 Dublin, IE Academy
04/25 Cork, UK Pavillion
04/27 Exeter, UK Lemon Grove
04/28 Cardiff, UK University Solus
04/29 Cambridge, UK Junction
04/30 Sheffield, UK Corporation
05/01 Liverpool, UK Academy 2

“Full of youthful energy and great chops, their second full-length never sounds forced, and the first two tracks alone kick more ass than most bands’ entire discographies.” Revolver - 4/5 stars

“Hail Destroyer takes everything that made the first [disc] great and amplifies it.” - BW & BK


“Currently the best punk rock band in the world…” – NME (UK)

“Hail Destroyer is the new background music for every rad party in the world. If it’s not, then I don't want to go to that party. Get this record… somebody, baby.”

Animosity had its very own TV appearance on CBS' "The Price is Right." Watch the band cheer on Carlos Garcia of fellow California band Antagonist -- not to mention the ironic prize Garcia is offered to win (think band essentials).

Architect will kick off the release of its new album, "Ghost of the Saltwater Machines," with a free show on Nov. 25 at 7:30 pm at the Westcott Cinema in Syracuse, NY. The band will be shooting live footage for a video at this show, so come out ready to rage at full potential. Rouges and Merrimac are set to open the show. Check out the exclusively released songs from the release on the BMA and Architect MySpace pages -- you won't be disappointed.

Khann is currently in post-production for two music videos soon to be released. The band also is planning a plethora of upcoming tours, including possible West Coast, European and Canadian runs. A US tour for early 2009 is in the works and will be announced soon. Check out Khann's MySpace page for pleasurable listening.

Destroy Destroy Destroy is shooting a video for "The Wretched Forest" from the band's upcoming Jan. 6 release, "Battle Sluts." The album artwork and song "Born of Thunder" are posted on the band's Myspace.

The Black Market Activities indie merch store has some updated swag. You'll be making all your friends jealous with your purchase, no doubt!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Artist Entry: the_Network guitarist Kevin tips his hat to the 'Evil Empire'

When you combine the radio-time a pizza delivery driver gets with the sociality of the Unabomber, you get a man who has not only heard the dreadful phrase, “Battleground State,” hundreds of times over the past few weeks, but someone who’s head exploded last night. Of course history was made and it feels as if America has been given back to its citizens, but I’m here to talk about something that I haven’t heard discussed enough in the mainstream media about yesterday’s election; the utterly justifiable liberal backlash towards the obsolete, unfair, ultra-conservative, right-wing mania America’s been swirling in during the past eight years. I think people like Karl Rove and Sean Hannity are just as responsible for Barack Obama’s win last night as the entire Obama campaign.. Let’s all thank Bill O’Reilly and the rest of Fox News for getting what appears to be every Democrat in America elected into positions in Washington.
Forget about the fact that Barack Obama is the best candidate for the presidency, that he’s probably the most intelligent president we’ll ever see, that he’s far more in touch with the average voter than anybody in positions of U.S. power, forget that he’s not in the pockets of any CEO’s, and that he unites people instead of polarizing them. You can forget that Barack Obama will restore the world’s faith in America, will use the U.S. military responsibly, will remove greed from U.S. policy making, and will take the steak knife away from the middle class’ jugular vein. Forget that Barack Obama has the potential to make America the country it really should be. Forget all that. What we really need to do is thank the overwhelming stupidity of George W. Bush and all of his supporters. If not for their blatant trampling of the constitution and stunning misuse of power, Americans may not have realized just how far down the toilet Republicans were shoving this country. With Republicans at the helm and their inane message shouted across the nation by people at Fox News and other various foolish, reactionary, talk radio show hosts posing as journalists, Americans morphed into a population of politically-aware, open-minded, and (boo-yah!) thinking people. I mean, Bush didn’t screw up to the degree that only political junkies and media geeks could understand; he screwed up in everyone’s faces. Everyone in America is either at war or knows somebody at war. Everyone was affected by the awful handling of Hurricane Katrina or knows someone who was. Everybody is losing their jobs or knows someone who is. Nobody can afford to get sick or everybody knows somebody who can’t. And nobody could afford to fill up their gas tank without suppressing painful vomit. So in between counting less and less money, the American people made every powerful Republicans’ nightmares come true; they started thinking.

While John McCain said the fundamentals of the U.S. economy are strong a few days before the fundamentals of the U.S. economy shit their pants, Americans were wondering why they couldn’t afford to buy a beer at the bar. Then they started wondering why, if they could afford to buy a beer at the bar, they couldn’t afford gas to get to the bar. While Sarah Palin donned designer dresses to say that she was an average Jane and that Barack Obama was a socialist, Americans were going bankrupt because their kid got sick. While Fox News and right-wing talk radio nitwits were whining that, “Waaaaahhhhhh…1% of the population already pays 36% of the taxes,” the American people learned that 1% of the population already has 90% of the wealth!

This time, the attack ads and lies didn’t work. This time, we Americans knew exactly what we needed and how to get it. This time, we were just too smart.

So thank you, Fox News!

Thank you, George W. Bush!

Thanks, Cheney!

Heck of a job, Brownie!

Let’s send a sincere “thank you” to all the Republicans in power. Without their help, we may have actually voted for them.

Fifty years from now, their incompetence will have continued to raise our intelligence and when we look back, we might ask, “Was George W. Bush the one that lied about getting a blowjob?” and someone will answer, “No, he was the one that lied about everything else.”

Oh, and to everyone who voted for McCain, don’t worry. Your consolation prize will be a better country.

Friday, November 7, 2008

BMA News Update: New videos from Cancer Bats, Dance Club Massacre; Animosity riff-roaring contest; and much more

You're probably sick of the news by now, with all the incessant ramblings of TV news anchors about the election. Seriously. There hasn't been so much talk of one man since OJ Simpson and the white Bronco "incident." At least there's some humor in all of this (note the CNN hologram, Anderson Cooper must have been trippin').

Anyway, and more importantly, there is some new and not-yet-repetitive ramblings we need to share with you folks.

- BMA Staff

Black Market Activities now has an official fan mailing list. By joining the list, BMA addicts -- and even those who wont admit to their addiction via the Bradley Effect -- can get first hand news, updates, tour dates, etc., sent directly to their inbox. To join the BMA fan mailing list, shoot an e-mail over to:, with "BMA fan mailing list" as the subject. There's no telling the other possible future benefits from being a member of this list, so git on it!

Romans, From a Second Story Window, Paria, and Animosity sounded off on Barack Obama becoming the 44th president of the United States on MTV2's "Headbanger's Blog." Check out the entries from the BMA family here.

CANCER BATS' video for "Lucifer’s Rocking Chair" is now premiering exclusively on MySpace Metal! Head over to MySpace Metal to check out the exclusive premier of CANCER BATS new video for the track "Lucifer’s Rocking Chair" off their latest release "Hail Destroyer."

Dance Club Massacre posted a video for the song "Shenanigans" from 11/11 release, "Circle of Death." The video is a culmination of live footage and studio clips. The video can be viewed here.

Animosity is hosting a "riff contest." Contestants interested in entering the contest must accurately sing three consecutive Animosity riffs. Prizes include free merchandise and concert tickets. Animosity vocalist Leo Miller: "It's a pretty ridiculous notion that animosity fans wouldn't be able to sing any three consecutive riffs, but it's way harder than it seems. Good luck to anyone who enters." More information about the contest can be found on the band's MySpace page, as well as on YouTube.