Thursday, January 29, 2009

Artist Entry: Lords' Chris Owens gives 'wet dream' a new meaning

The Dream, pt. I

I had a dream the other night, in the dream I was on a very crowded beach -- full of frat spring break types -- the beach was supposed to be in Columbus, Ohio.

Anyway, I walk around this large rock formation that's protruding out into the ocean, and when I get to the other side there is this big cove, with a small island in the middle of it and this narrow rock walkway leading out to it.

I know that for some reason I have to go to the small island, but then a bunch of the spring breakers run out on the walk way and it crumbles in to the ocean. They all scramble back to the beach while we're all standing on the shore looking out at the island, when some naked fat lady comes up to me and says, "What? It's just water!"

She then jumps in the water and starts swimming. So I jump in and swim out towards the Island, I get pretty close to it when all of a sudden I bump into the dead body of a white guy in mechanics clothes floating just below the surface. The dead guy looks up at me and grabs my arm, pulling me under the water. He mouths something to me, I cant hear what he's saying but the words flash in my brain, in faded black letters ( in the Iron Maiden font) on red background it says, "One day you will be asked to serve your rap community."

Then I wake up.

Weird, huh?

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