Monday, June 30, 2008

Artist Entry: Dance Club Massacre guitarist Mitch Hein checks in from the road

Day 1 - We had to drive 14 hours from Chicago to Raleigh, NC to start the tour on Thursday, so we left Wednesday night around 9pm to drive through the night. We were about to start driving when we realized, hey its Wednesday night, which means half price at the bar we frequent. So in typical DCM fashion we stopped there for a drink with some friends before making the dangerous trek -- with no working air conditioning I might add. While I was driving through who knows where in the middle of the night, we narrowly escaped smashing into a deer, who for some reason had thought it was a good idea to cross the highway right in front of us instead of the empty road behind. After freaking out for a few minutes we were back on track. Around 11am on Thursday we stopped in Mount Airy, NC to try and grab some lunch with our good friend , Will Jackson, vocalist of From A Second Story Window. After many failed attempts to reach him we ate at a local Wendy's full of old -- correction REALLY old people. It was like a Florida retirement home! Hours later we finally arrived to the show - 5 hours before load in - so to kill some time we played some bean bags and had a few $1 PBRs at the local bar next to the venue. The show ended up being a pretty good way to start the tour. Good crowd, good bands, good times. After the show we couldn't find a place to stay even though it was Killwhitneydead/The Demonstration's hometown, so us and Carnifex split a room at a nice Motel 6 and snuck everyone in. Getting out of the heat and being able to shower was great.

Day 2 - The 2nd day of the tour was in Burlington, NC. We only had to drive an hour to the show, which was nice considering that we had just driven 14 hours the night before. After working out a few kinks in our set list we had to open the show. We are playing a few new songs on this tour, which I'm pretty stoked about, and the kids seem to be too so that's always good. With nothing to do but sit around the rest of the night we sat around drinking the free beer that was provided....and then some more free beer that wasn't exactly provided...if you get my drift. Once again we couldn't find a place to stay, and with it being too hot to sleep in the van, we got ourselves yet another room at a Motel 6. This time it was by ourselves so we had a lot of room to relax and watch awesome movies such as Anaconda, and the Godfather Part 3. The pool was closed for cleaning so that was a huge bummer. If anyone with a swimming pool who is coming to a show soon is reading this, let us hang at your house. I promise, we are sweet dudes.

Day 3 - Ahhh Richmond, VA. We played at a venue called Alley Katz, which turns out is actually in an alley. The promoter for the show had booked us last summer on our tour with Architect and Destroyer Destroyer, and its always good to see familiar faces. Well, familiar faces that haven't dicked us over on our guarantee. The show was an all day "fest" which I usually hate, but this was cool because all the kids actually stuck around all day. After the show the sound guy let us stay at his house. Finally, a free place to stay! He had a huge projector screen so we watched this movie called "Wristcuter: A Love Story" which ended up being really good. It had that really hot girl from "40 Days and 40 Nights" in it whose name I can't remember, but anyway I think I'm going to marry her.

Day 4 - I sit here typing this blog on my Sidekick at Crocodile Rock in Allentown, PA. Its finally not super hot out tonight, so I'm just hanging out enjoying the fresh air. We showed up a little late today because traffic in DC was a bitch, and as soon as we showed up we had to load right in and play. The sound guy was an asshole, but I won't get into that. Anyway, not much to say about today. We would be drinking but beers are $4 and we're poor. I think we just found a place to stay with some hot girls -- I hope they aren't 15. Nick will be writing a blog for the next few days so stay tuned for that.


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