Friday, June 27, 2008

Dudefest Day 3: Get me back to my asshole state, stat

Luke from Gaza's bloody face from Saturday

Sunday, June 20

The Fabreeze-scented air indicated one thing: the dozen smelly dudes had vanished.

I’m pretty much over this shit by Sunday. The theme this day was pretty much “let’s fast forward to the two bands I wanted to see and get me the fuck out of dodge.”

Dudefest, Day 3

I’m at the end of my clean clothes so I appear dressed for either a Juggalo tea party or a funeral. But whatever, this is Dudefest, not The Cure live in concert. Graf Orlock was the first band we wanted to see and they were simply incredible. If you’re not entertained by playing “Guess where this sample comes from,” just merely watching the band is enticing enough.

After Graf Orlock was Backstabbers Inc. Good stuff all around, even with minor technical difficulties. I’m thinking a comeback more epic than Michael Jackson before he went fucking crazy is in order, thoughts?

Here’s a brief summary of the end of our Indy trip:

Watched a lady get arrested outside of Red Lobster, not sure what she did. Maybe an animals rights activist letting the lobsters loose? Nah, gotta remember this isn’t California.

Ate at Ruby Tuesdays, finally. Those fucking advertising geniuses knew I’d get there one day.

Spent two separate plane rides nearby passengers choosing to sing operatic/Backstreet Boys style tunes.

-Sheena, BMA Publicity Assistant

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