Sunday, June 8, 2008

Artist Entry: Destroy Destroy Destroy guitarist Jeremiah Scott doesn't need Miss Cleo to see the future

Are there dragons on Mars?

So I have been thinking about the future lately. Not so much my future, but THE future. It all started when I realized all the possibilities with music these days.

It was only 120 years ago when "recording" was invented. Now we have full quality sound recording and playback, and not just the big studios. People with up to date laptops also have this ability. I can make a record on a freaking gameboy.

So it all started when I was thinking about typing in words into my computer, and having a fully sampled 60 piece choir sing what I was typing. This was not possible a year ago, but now there is a program that allows you to type in phonetically whatever you want a choir to sing. Interesting to me, but maybe not to most.

What about cell phones or the internet? 20 years ago, If you asked me a question I knew nothing about I had to remember to look it up later in a book or call someone who did know.

"Hey Jeremiah, what is the atomic weight of lithium? What year did the first terminator come out? What does Angelina Jolie look like naked?"

All very good questions that I can find out in less than a few keystrokes right now as I sit here with my laptop.

The answers are... 6.941, 1984, and hot as hell. It would have taken me a lot longer to look it up without the internet or computers.

OK, so that's because I am sitting here with my laptop and internet connection. This is possible to do now with our crazy cell phones, unlike five years ago.

My band mates and I can be arguing about who played drums on what record and the argument will be over in 30 seconds once someone Googles it on their cell phone.

What about another 5 years?

So here is my prediction. We all see those blue tooth, dorky earpieces people have. They are practical, but look horrendous. I'd kick my own ass for wearing one.

So lets fix that problem so more people would buy them, cause face it, they are practical. Lets make them small enough to set inside the ear canal, with a battery that will outlast your lifetime. Lets insert a microphone in your mouth, like the permanent retainer holding my bottom teeth inline. Now ask me something and I can voice activate my phone (which is small enough to be implanted somewhere on my body) and with voice recognition I can ask for the answer and it comes back into my ear canal. Information is easily accessible. We can find anything within seconds as apposed to 20 years ago. Very useful, but this convenience will completely scramble the way we socially interact.

Lets fast forward another 20 years. The neurological operations that control our thoughts and brain patterns are composed of electrical pulses, very similar to computers, which operate on on/off pulses of binary 1's and 0's. Our brains are way more complex than these machines. Computer technology has only existed for 60-70 years, which is to say that no matter how advanced we think we are now, it is still in a very primitive age. With our thoughts we can communicate with the computers infused in our bodies to search the Web for information, monitor our heart rate while working out, or check our cholesterol levels.

Any time anyone has ever tried to guess what the future would be like, it seems they underestimate it. Bill Gates once said that by the year 2000 computers will be affordable and can fit into a single room. We all know what 2000 was really like. The same with TVs, radios, and automobiles. The impact made by each of these inventions was extremely underestimated in each case.

This will be a funny blog to read back on when I am vacationing on Mars and I am bored, while my wife picks out gifts for our great grandchildren at a little boutique shop on the Cydonia Mensae region -- all after I check my MySpace of course.

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