Thursday, June 5, 2008

Poll results say: Architect is the top dog in demand for the blog

It was a come from behind victory, something only possible in a horse racing scenario -- or maybe NASCAR. But we'll stick with horse racing. The horse racing analogy is way more intense, because horses don't drive in circles for four hours, resulting in a winner by default, since it's usually whoever hasn't fucked up his sponsor plastered car by then. Still, it's obvious Architect shares one thing in common with NASCAR -- loyal fans.

In true awards show fashion, Architect drummer Ant Michel and guitarist Jay Bailey have some people to thank. But don't worry, we have one of those "Wrap it Up" devices from "Chappelle's Show" if they get too long-winded.

Drummer Ant Michel:
I'd like to thank my mom!!

Guitarist Jay Bailey:
I would like to thank the voters who voted and except the nomination for -- wait, what the fuck did we win?

I have no idea what I'm doing here. It's 4 in the morning and I'm hopped up on adrenaline, lurking YouTube, and Lambgoat, and patiently waiting for our record to be done so I can go back out on tour and destroy the disc’s in my back a little more.

Big thanks to Jason “Jocko” Randall at MoreSound for listening to our insane ideas and actually making them make sense on record. The new record sounds fucking pissed, and I can feel the pain im gonna be in after every show, already. I'm getting fucking old, the back of my left knee is in shambles. My back always cracks and hurts, I whine about politics, I ache, and I'm pissy all of the time. Oh my God, I've become my…..grandfather. I've completely surpassed my father and gone on to my grandfather. That’s fucked up.

I just watched “Steal This Movie” about the life of Abbie Hoffman. The dude named his kid america. Intentionally with a lower case A. What an awesome guy. Everyone go out and get “Steal This Book” by Abbie Hoffman, it’ll fuck you up. Also go to and buy “Days of War, Nights of Love." Read Charles Bukowski, and Allen Ginsberg books. Feel something for once in your life goddammit! Feel alive!

Did you know you can pick a combination lock with a soda can, or pop can, wherever you weirdo’s are from these days. True story. Um….lets see, what have I been into lately. Gas prices are retarded. EVERYONE GO BUY A BIKE! Seriously. FUCK THOSE PEOPLE. We don’t need their fucking gas. Man, back in the days of J.C. we used to walk everywhere, you ever hear of a fat apostle? Uh Uh.

Bush is almost out of office, and the poor person who gets the fucking job has to clean all this shit up, there is NO END IN SIGHT PEOPLE. We have to start relying on ourselves and each other, not these fucking assholes who think they are in charge. Throw your TV out the window, or at least cancel your cable. You don’t really enjoy it anyway, THERES NEVER ANYTHING ON, just “get” movies on the internet. That’s all your TV should be for.

Wanna see a good movie? “Wristcutters: A Love Story” is awesome, and Tom Waits is in it. If you don’t know who Tom Waits is – 1. Hit yourself on the forehead, not hard but stern so you know that your wrong. 2. Go download "Rain Dogs," "Bone Machine," "Blood Money," and EVERYTHING HES EVER FUCKING DONE!

I'm listening to old Machinehead right now. They are good. Cursed broke up and that bummed me the fuck out. Probably my favorite band to come out in the past five years. What a shitty way to go. It's getting warm outside which is good for most people, and it is for me too, but I'm Irish and red headed, I have the whitest skin ever and the sun HATES ME, and wants me to cook so people can eat me. I am the ginger daywalker!

Everyone should go for walks at night. The air is nice and its relaxing not having the sun beat down on you, or people staring at you like you’re an idiot.

Tj and I stressed ourselves out so bad with the making of this record that we had stomach pains, and got shitty sleep at night. I actually had stomach pains in the studio, and Jocko had to take 5 and make me laugh a bit to relieve the tension. Some nights were spent at the studio, some were chasing the sun trying to get home before it completely comes up, and in the end, now that its done for the most part, we are…..


Theres nothing to fucking do. We just took an emotional shit in stereo, and now are sitting in limbo. I don’t even remember what I used to do before I let band stuff take over my life. Fuck this. Bed time.

Cant wait to tour, see you guys when we get out there. Remember…............when the going gets weird, the weird go pro!


Anonymous said...

fuck you the_Network shoulda won! Fags!

Anthony said...

Architect rules bottom line nobody does it like them!!

Anonymous said...

here, here! harr, harr!