Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pre-Dudefest festivities, with dudes..

These guys..

It’s about 6:30 p.m. EST and after a five hour plane trip, I end up in a van with six smelly dudes.

Our destination is the Error House in Champaign, Ill. where the six crusty gents, otherwise known as the_Network, will play with another set of stinksters, Gaza.

The Legend of Maya Angelou

Once we reached our destination, the guys from Gaza proceeded to exchange gifts with the_Network. It was similar to that of a Native American trade, you know, where one tribe gives the other an animal carcass for a day’s supply of tobacco, or maybe some peyote. The only difference in this circumstance is that it wasn’t two tribes, but one set of silly guys, cleverly jabbing another for some laughs.

The black version of strawberry shortcake was handed over from Gaza’s altitude defying frontman, Jon, with a card reading, “To: the_Network; From: Gaza.” The doll was later dubbed “Maya Angelou” by the_Network guitarist Kevin.

Gaza Luke + the_Network Kevin = pure comedy

Alcohol isn’t necessary when these two get together. Even both of them sober in a room will have you on the floor with side-splitting laughter. But it wouldn’t be rock ‘n’ roll if someone wasn’t drunk, and why stop with one person when you’ve got a dozen ready to put down a cold one?

Nevertheless, this isn’t about a rowdy group of beer guzzlers, it’s about a specific pair.

Luke from Gaza and Kevin of the_Network could probably be easily compared to Cheech and Chong, or maybe even two Cheeches, since both equally share the spotlight with their banter. But if I tried to describe some of the shit these two made jokes about, none of you would even laugh. Not because it didn’t make any sense, but because it didn’t come straight from the duo’s mouths.

Here’s a short video of Bennet and Kevin from the_Network and Luke from Gaza doin’ what they do best, having a couple frosty charlies, check it:

Stay tunned for further installments.

-Sheena, BMA Publicity Assistant


the_Network said...

Bunch of fucking drunk scummy assholes!

-the best guys

Sadie Mae said...

Your Arlo Pear...My brother said your a real asshole...you fuck with me and I'll kill ya...


Anonymous said...

The world needs more of this.