Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Video of the Week: Sweet Cobra performs the song "Fucking Fertilizer" from the album "Forever" live

Directed and edited by, John Meadows


Anonymous said...

not bad...halfway decent, but I am still going to use Fertilizer on my lawn. With my secret 6 combo formula, applied in secret time frames... my lawn looks like a 5 star golf course 9 months out of a colorado year. (along with aeration, manure mix added once a year & a couple other pro secrets I'd have to charge you to tell you about, and lawn care is just a hobby of mine) AR

the_Network said...

God damn, get those scummer bands on your roster to start getting back to work. It been like a week since a new entry. I don't wanna hear excuses, I wanna see inspecta results.