Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Artist Entry: Architect drummer Ant Michel needs a little rubbin' and tuggin' for writin'

A writing process only comparable to ancient Greek philosophers

We felt we would bring in Justin Bateman and Doogie Howser to help with the writing process. At a local rub and tug we decided this wasn't such a great idea because all they do is stare at us. We fired them. While eating an amazing mess of Bruschetta that Keith made from leftovers in the Kitchen of infamous Mike Palmer LCC, we decided another rub and tug was needed. So we went to the local trailer park to look for one. We feel the best rub and tugs are from those that are less fortunate and really fat. Why you ask?? Because they don't get anything and when it does happen they make it last like it’s the last day on earth -- get what I mean?

We were done. We then went back to practice at Palmers LCC house, because we practice in the attic, we have one week left there and then we now have here to practice -- typical Architect. We feel playing in the nude gets us in a Zen like mood and allows the writing process to flow like the leak on Joe Mamma's wiener.

As we finish the songs and tighten things to get ready for Jocko at More Sound, we felt like "Ghost of the Salt Water Machines" will out do "All is Not Lost." We can only assume the money made on this album will help pay BMA back, and leave some leftover for eyeliner, girl pants, and plenty more rub and tugs, 'cause you know what Architect and Bill Cosby say, "there's always room for JELL- rub and tugs……"


the views and opinions on this blog are from Ant. They do not reflect the views and opinions of anyone else in Architect, but I don't give a shit, because they didn't take the time to write anything so I did…

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