Monday, May 12, 2008

Artist Entry: From a Second Story Window vocalist Will Jackson is surrounded by word vomit

Photo by: Enrique Parrilla from C.S.I.

Sounding Pissed and Stuff...

I'm really tired of trying to be intelligent and forward thinking around those folks out there who aren't, or have no desire to be so. It's fucking unbearable sometimes. You chill, talk, listen, and then BOOM!, you realize that what you have been paying attention to is complete filler and meaningless, no weight whatsoever. It's a travesty that no one cares about relevant topics anymore, or to be more direct, cares about the wrong things all together and then feels that sharing this misinformed nomenclature is actually important and valid, or worth talking about with other human beings. Far too many people are content being ignorant and useless in the social system that they are bringing it down day by day, word by word.

Please don't get me wrong by thinking that I feel this way about everyone out there, that's not the case. I just have had far too many conversations, aka wastes of time, with people who spout shit out of their mouths without an ounce of rhyme or reason behind it. These people are the ones out there who talk to you soulely to speak about themselves or to put down another race (this includes all forms of racial and social prejudice) or to try and connect with you just because they think they will gain something to benefit their own lives, or perhaps they just want to share with you just "how fucking wasted they were last night, man." UGHHH... Does this rip anyone else's soul apart or is it just me? I mean, come on!

I also often wonder if half the people out there are even interested in being themselves at all. Do they really give a shit that they come off as just another pawn lagging behind, ruining the game, while the world's opponents are screaming for them to move? And yes, perhaps I do harp on this idea too often, but FUCK man, it's totally valid in the world we are alive in. The drolling population as a whole is copacetic to the point of disaster and lately it seems that it is beyond human repair.

"Hey Will, did I tell you about what my cat did the other day, man. Oh, shit. He totally jumped over my coffee table, man. Whoa!"


I'm sorry, I guess I am a little wound up today. But if you are out there and you can feel me on this, and are fed up with people who are compliant with the way things are, then please do yourself a favor and go to your refrigerator, open a beer, light a smoke, and kick your feet up, because you have earned it just for being someone who understands that meaningless bullshit does not equate to meaningful conversation, or life for that matter. WHEW!

Im done. Sorry.



Will said...

Hey Will. I think you being surrounded by teenagers on tour really does a number on you. I love your music and have seen yall live about 7 times but each time I hate going because of the class of people that go. They really are how you described them on this blog and on the one about the effects of myspace on the youth. I would like to think that most people do grow out of the ignorant stage you are talking about, but i know thats not true. You meet new people every night on tour and it's hard to have intelligent conversations all the time, but you have to surround yourself with positive people and be thankful that the people with diarrea of the mouth are not your friends.

Live on and keep making music. I'm a supporter.

Kevin Crypto said...

There's six billion people on Earth and twelve billion lips saying nothing.

Anonymous said...

Don't let people piss you off man. Don't let someone elses bad day ruin your day. It's yours man, make some thing good of it & have a good day kid-o. AR

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should say something inspirational during all those pauses you guys throw in before your br00tal breakdowns. Maybe kids will start moshing with hope.

John H. Miller said...

(to message above)

Inspirational? Will Jackson is the artist, not you. Let him make the music and do what he feels, Scene Child. "Do a 2-step. "Do a chant." "Make something we can dance to."


What happened to originality? .............For those who can't answer that, it's called core.

I'm pretty sure he typed "br00t breakdown" and "moshing" in the same tense? o my. Core killed moshing so you know son.

Did you even read Wills blog?

_Sorry to be a hater,
John H. Miller

Anonymous said...

(to message above)

Some people just know how to take the fun out of everything.

The real question is sir, did you even read what I wrote? If so, why the hell did your brain react with an attack as opposed to "This can't be serious, he fucking said 'br00tal breakdown'." Grow a brain.

John H. Miller said...

i did read what you wrote and thats why i made fun of you. the point is, your comment had nothing to do with the blog and now were having a conversation that Will was talking about. Meaningless.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a damn? Trendy scensters have been around for everything, and that's cuz they like to attach themselves to whatever is new and hip.
As for the meaningless-ness, it's coming out of this same mass hipster mentality. The information age makes trivial knowledge so accessible that it dwarfs important matters, or at least those that are truely interesting. By interesting, I don't mean these bs Britney Spears/Paris Hilton/[insert drama queen here]/etc scandals.

What's worse is the self-obscessed people that will only talk about themselves, no matter what the subject is. I was (humorously) quiping that my cat was demonically possessed (no, it wasn't rabies, because he would be dead and I would need vaccinations) the other day, and in immediate randomness, my "friend" stated that he has multiple nicknames for no damn reason!
This has happened on multiple occasions with several different associates. And my goodness, it is annoying.
I think everyone's been(ing) replaced with conceded robot drones by the NWO. It's the only logical conclusion.

This wall-of-text rant is pretty pointless as well...